If you have been trying to start a family for approximately 6 months to a year and have not yet had a positive pregnancy test, Women’s Health of Central Virginia encourages you to schedule an appointment today. There are many reasons why a woman can experience infertility even as simple as not knowing the optimum time of the month to try and become pregnant. 

We will begin by assessing your health with a physical examination and lab tests as well as performing a semen analysis on your partner to determine that both potential parents are healthy. Depending on the results, we can offer suggestions and guidance as to when you are ovulating so you can increase your chances of becoming pregnant. Most couples will be able to conceive naturally within a year of not using birth control. 

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There are many tests that can be done to determine the cause of infertility. If you have a condition such as endometriosis, it is oftentimes more difficult to become pregnant. We can offer minimally invasive surgical procedures to help open the fallopian tubes to increase the chances of pregnancy. 

The providers of Women’s Health of Central Virginia offer compassionate care for individuals suffering with infertility issues. We are pleased to introduce Dr. Laura Smith and Dr. Chris Williams as new associates of Women’s Health of Central Virginia. These two physicians are fertility experts from REI and will be on rotation every Tuesday in our office to serve new patients of Women’s Health of Central Virginia. We can coordinate an appointment for you to see an expert in fertility issues.


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