Choosing a GYNChoosing a gynecologist that you like and feel comfortable with can seem difficult and overwhelming. To help make the process a little easier, we’ve provided some guidance to make your first GYN appointment a success.


  • Currently, insurance is a major determining factor in any facet of healthcare, and women’s health is no exception! Therefore, the first move you will want to make is to go online and find a list of in-network providers that fall under your insurer. Providers that are not in your network may cost you more out of pocket. You will also want to know if the services you are in need of are included in your particular plan. You can accomplish this by calling the customer service number on the back of your card, and asking a customer service representative about that specific service. The best way to think of insurance is that every plan is different, just like fingerprints. It pays to be informed about your insurance!


  • After narrowing your choices to accepted providers, you will want to find out the location of each gynecology office in relation to home or work. If you will be requesting appointments in the middle of your work or school day, you probably don’t want to choose a doctor who is too far away. Electing one that is between 15 and 30 minutes from your home may be best.


  • Now, think about those specific services you require. You want to be certain this practitioner offers what you need. Are you going for basic preventive care such as a pap smear and testing? Do you require specialty services for hormone or fertility treatments? Your unique needs must be considered so you can get the personalized care that you need and deserve.


  • The last factors to consider are those that affect you personally. Do you prefer a male or female gynecologist? Do you want to see YOUR doctor or are you ok with seeing any GYN or Nurse Practitioner in the practice? Does the office have hours that work for you? Do they have open lines of communication for you and your doctor?

There you have it–the process to finding your next GYN! Ready to take that next step? Request an appointment today by filling out our online form. We are excited to meet you!